Buy from Amazon or eBay ?

Is it Cheaper to Buy Mira Oil from Amazon or eBay?

Both Amazon and eBay have some discount prices on Mira Hair Oil.  However, when you purchase from either site you are buying second hand and possibly forgoing some benefits of purchasing directly from the supplier.  Here are some things to consider before buying Mira Oil on either of those sites:

  • Purchasing directly from Mira gives you a free sample of Gro Herbal Shampoo (valued at $39.99).GroShampoo
  • Purchasing directly from Mira also entitles you to a 60 day money back guaranty for Mira Hair Oil.
  • Purchases from Amazon and eBay is 2nd hand product.
  • Although we hope these are reputable sellers and the products are not in any way used or damaged it does void the advantages of direct purchase!
  • You get a subscription and save money by buying from the official Mira Hair Oil site.  You won’t get these benefits by buying second hand.

You’re probably wondering how do I know to order from the official site?  Well, no worries.  The official site of Mira Hair Oil can be reached from our site and you can order in confidence.

Remember, in spite of all the buzz you’ll find on the Internet on hair care forums, blogs and other places Mira Oil is just an Internet sensation and it’s proprietors are small business owners.  The site is not fancy or all that modern but the service and care you’ll get from the team is top notch

Official Home Page for Mira Home Oil


Who Is Behind Mira Oil?

Mira Oil is made by an Ontario Canada company named “GRO Corporation”.  GRO has been in operation now since 1998 largely selling their products on the Internet through word of mouth.  Your support and feedback are key to GRO Corporation’s continued success.

Dr. Biswajit Mukerjee is the brains behind GRO Corporation and is responsible for the formula behind Mira Oil.

Official Home Page for Mira Home Oil


Does this Stuff Really Work?

That’s the best question you can ask yourself.  Not only does it come backed up with a 60 day money back guaranty but it is also well reviewed and has many happy loyal repeat customers across the Internet.

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