Hair Growth Products

The Importance of Hair Growth Products in Restoring the Quality of Hair

Hair growth products help revive your hair. In normal circumstances approximately 90% of any person’s hair is growing while the remaining 10% is resting. Daily, an individual can lose 50 to 100 strains of hair. However, people suffering of some illnesses, stress and/or having an unhealthy diet can experience their hair thinning, resulting in massive hair loss, patches of baldness or receding hair lines.

Importance of different types of proteins to your hair

Proteins play an important role in the of hair growth process. Therefore, to prevent the loss of your hair, it is vital that you consume large portions of proteins on a daily basis. If an individual fails to digest enough proteins and nutrients, the body reacts by conserving proteins and in the process, slowing down the growth of hair. Studies reveal that 2 to 3 months of unhealthy diets can result in a noticeable hair loss. However, the growth of hair will start growing at its normal pace again when healthy portions of proteins are consumed.

Other causes of the loss of hair include thyroid disorders, illnesses, low levels of iron, hormonal imbalances and the most common, stress.

The importance of avocado in hair growth:

The avocado fruit has many health benefits including the enhancement of hair growth and preventing hair loss. An avocado can also be used to make the hair look and feel healthier by acting as an effective moisturizer for damaged or dry hair.  The avocado fruit has a high level of vitamin B and vitamin E, which combined work on the cellular level to help in the protection and strengthening of hair.

Vitamin B plays a vital role in hair growth while vitamin E helps with the repairing of the damaged hair. Using avocado as a hair mask or conditioner offers the best way of enhancing the regular hair growth.

The importance of Mira Hair oil in hair growth:  

Mira Hair oil helps to restore the health of the hair while contributing to hair growth. Furthermore, Mira hair oil can eliminate fizziness, giving the hair a smooth and sleek shine. This improvement offered by the oil allows users to forget what bad hair day is all about. As a result, many previous customers of the product recommend Mira hair oil due to its impressive qualities. Many women seek to have a more manageable hair and Mira oils do just that. The time saved daily only by having an easier to deal with hair gives enough reason to buy the product. A better looking hair can make any person look and feel younger and more attractive.

Other Hair growth products:

  • Castor oil is considered ideal for the growth of thick lustrous hair. The oil works by improving the circulation of blood within the scalp.
  • Jojoba oil is considered effective in moisturizing hair strains. The oil also helps to protect the hair strains from any external damage. In the process, this goes a long way in nourishing the strains and promoting a healthy hair growth.
  • Olive oil is considered one of the best oils that can be used on the hair. It helps to revitalize the scalp, nourish hair roots and enhance growth of the hair strains.

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