How To Make Your Hair Thicker

Are you tired of having a thin and damaged hair? You probably know how a thick hair can change the way you look instantly. You could have a general state in which your whole hair is thinning or you can face the situation in which you have patches of thin hair. Regardless of your problem, the good news is that fixing these issues. Among the most known and used methods to thicken your hair are the ones below:

How To Make Your Hair Thicker:


A really easy to implement method that you should try is simply changing your diet around a little bit. Your diet has a very big impact on your hair growth. If you have a thin hair, the lack of B vitamins and iron can be among the causes. Add these nutrients to your diet and you will see immediate results.

Some specific foods that you can try as a way of making your hair thicker are spinach, strawberries, soy products, yogurt, and just about anything with any of the above nutrients. If you do not like these foods however, the good news is that there are also some supplements you can take that have these nutrients in them, so as long as you can remember to take your supplements, then you will be in good shape and should start seeing thicker, healthier hair within weeks.

Hair Oil

If changing the diet won’t help, try gently massaging your scalp on a daily basis. Trying a hair oil treatment can stimulate your scalp and get the hair to grow in quicker. And the good news for this particular treatment is that these can be bought over the counter at most grocery stores, online or at hair care supply stores, so no prescription is necessary and it is not too expensive. In addition, this particular treatment is also relatively easy to do on your own. All you usually need to do is to heat the oil in your microwave for a few seconds prior to applying it to the scalp, rubbing it in circular motions to stimulate the hair growth.

Get it trimmed

One last advice to consider for thicker hair is to get it trimmed more often. Most people think that this step could damage your hair, but the truth is that your hair grows back much faster once the dead ends are trimmed off, so be sure to have this done every couple of months.

Having a thin hair is reversible so don’t be shy on trying these or any other methods to make your hair look and feel thicker and break harder. Don`t resort to chemical help until you try the natural products. A good product to take for a spin is mira hair oil. You can find real reviews from persons that have tested the product all around this website.

Overall, thinning hair can be a predicament, but luckily there are a lot of methods you can try to get that full head of hair!

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