What ingredients go into Mira Hair Oil that make it work so well?  While the website says they are “secret” I have done my own investigation and believe they are the following Ayurvedic herbs and treatments.  Many of these are found exclusively in India and are the reasons why Mira Hair Oil is so hard to produce and manufacture in bulk.

  • Cardiospernum Haliacabum – A climbing plant found in Africa and Asia.  In addition to fighting hair loss it is also known to serve as an antidiarrhoeal and blood flow reliever.
  • Eclipta Alba and Oil -A plant commonly known as the false daisy and found in India, China, Thailand and Brazil.
  • Bacoppa Monnieri – A perennial creeping herb used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat everything from asthma to epilepsy. In addition to topical benefits Bacoppa is often included in “focus” medication (medicine used to increase mental focus).

As you can see, none of these plants are native to the US and each of them are difficult to find.  The 1st two mentioned ingredients have to do with making the hair smoother and silkier while the third one (Eclipta Alba) is responsible for re-growing lost hair.

Here is some scientific literature on how Eclipta Alba regenerates lost hair:

^ Roy, R. K.; Thakur, M.; Dixit, V. K. (2008). “Hair growth promoting activity of Eclipta alba in male albino rats”. Archives of Dermatological Research 300 (7): 357–364.doi:10.1007/s00403-008-0860-3PMID 18478241edit

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